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Corfu Nightscapes Timelapse- Adagio for Stars, Music: V.Petsalis - Adagio for Strings no1

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Corfu Nightscapes Timelapse - Adagio for Stars B.Metallinos©, Corfu Astronomic Society©, Vangelis Petsalis©, Observation Team of Astronomic Society of Corfu O.T.A.S.C© All rights reserved. Music: Vangelis Petsalis - Adagio for Strings no1© Symphony Orchestra of Bulgaria© Conducted by Alkis Panayotopoulos© CD Arkadia - Agora Musica Milan Italy© All rights reserved© Continuing from our last video production "a Journey to the Stars from Corfu - Timelapse" and "Corfu - A Magical Place" produced by J.D.Strikis, this is our brand new production directed and it's the first cooperation with Vangelis Petsalis, the video has been produced by my V.Metallinos for the members...
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