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Aquarius Full Moon 3/4th August 2020 The Lions gate Activation 'The Healing of the Multiple Self'.

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#FullMoonInAquarius #FullMoon #EvolutionaryAstrology #Mythology #Ganymede #LionsGate #Sirius #NewtimeLines This Full Moon is also forming a very close conjunction with the Asteroid Amor ( Love asteroid) Amor – Shows empathy, compassion and loving kindness- the energy is some where between Venus and Neptune and closer to Neptune, a higher dimension of love not lust/sensuality. It is an expression of an ideal love. Amor is unconditional/transcendent love, however it can also point to what we substitute for love. ★ Anastasia Cosmic Astrologer ★ Blessings Beloveds ♡ Welcome to my channel. ★Subscribe to be notified about my free Astrology up dates and tutorials...
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