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Flat Earther owes me $250,000

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This is the winning solution to Doğukan Özkan's $250,000 flat earth challenge! That's right, this flat earther will be paying me $250,000 because I won his challenge. Doğukan Özkan’s challenge: Galileo satellite video from 1.3 millions miles away: EPIC DSCOVR Source data: 10 hours 7.5 total rotations of the earth: Made using images from EPIC DSCOVR taken during May 2019. The Earth rotates about 7 1/2 times during this video. World Vision: Find me here: Facebook: Michael Toon Twitter: @MCToon27 Discord: EMail: Want to support what I do: Bitcoin: 18P3qU7q2vb1SPcgGTzxMHQrCQJE93Gsid Have...
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